Säästää energiaa jopa 85% verrattuna tavanomaisiin käyttövesivaraajiin.
E-mini -vedenlämmitin on taloudellinen. Vesi lämmitetään suoraan, kun se virtaa lämmitysyksikön läpi. Lämmintä vettä ei varastoida säiliöön, mikä poistaa lämpöhävikin muodostumisen kokonaan.

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Efficient flow technology.

The pressureless M-O small instantaneous water heater is ideally suited as an energy-saving replacement unit for conventional small accumulators combined with low-pressure fittings.
> Hydraulically controlled instantaneous water heater (over-sink unit) in mini-format for the energy-efficient supply of a wash basin or utility sink
> The full heating power switches on automatically as soon as water flows through the device
> Efficient flow technology for optimum water jet with economical water consumption
> IES® bare-wire heating system with replaceable heating cartridge ensures longer service life, less calcification and is efficient and easy to maintain
> Removable type plate cover for access to the central cover screw and water quantity adjustment
> Ready to plug in (3.5 kW) or mains cable (from 4.4 kW), length: 65 cm
> Pressureless design, only suitable for low-pressure fittings
> Jet regulator insert for mouthpiece M 22/24 on the fitting
> Also available as complete sets with fitting: M / SMB
> Dimensions (height × width × depth): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm